Designer store requires bio-hazard clean following break-in

Designer store requires bio-hazard clean following break-in

A designer store in Glasgow called in their local Rainbow International branch to complete a bio-hazard clean following a break in at their property.
The Rainbow technicians are fully qualified in the cleaning and disposal of bio-hazardous materials. Decontaminating the scene and returning it for general, public or private use in a quick and discreet manner.
An intruder had broken into the designer store via a window at the side of the property. To gain access the intruder had to smash the window, this had caused shards of glass to cover all of the fixtures, fittings, wooden flooring and floor coverings within this area. Through the process of entering the store through the broken window the intruder had cut themselves, resulting in them leaving a trail of blood throughout the 4 floors of the store, as well as contaminating the stock within the store.
To gain access to one of the offices on the top floor the intruder had attempted to break through a false ceiling, this has resulted in a lot of debris and broken ceiling tiles falling onto the items within this area.

Rainbow technicians arrived to do a full inspection and carry out a bio-hazard clean to the affected areas, as well as a controlled disposal of all contaminated stock and cleaning materials. The technicians also hoovered up all of the shards of glass from the area of the intruder’s point of entry.
In total 10 rooms/areas of the 4 floor store were contaminated and required a clean-up by the Rainbow technicians. This whole scope of work took 2 technicians 2 days to complete.

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