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Insurance | Property Claims Management Service | Glasgow

Through the use of proven systems and the latest technology, we are reducing the cost of claims to insurers and providing a first class service to policyholders.

The UK insurance industry has not been slow to see the benefits of using Rainbow International for a highly responsive and effective service. We continue to secure national contracts with the industry’s top brands. That is a big responsibility and one we are proud to take.

Our business is structured to provide efficient claims investigation and management and highly effective restoration services for fire, flood, escape of water and accidental damage situations 24 hours day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and throughout the UK.

Providing a level of service where trust, control and reliability is firmly linked to technical capability and responsiveness, providing a 24/7/365 service.


Both, centrally and from our national network of local offices we support both insurer clients and their panel of loss adjusters.  Providing an unrivalled level of service to our mutual customer, the claimant.

We work very well and consistently with both the larger loss adjuster companies, on approved insurer panels and also with the niche loss adjuster on an ad-hoc basis and as required.

Industry Marketplace:

Loss adjusters and claims professionals, like ourselves are operating in an ever changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, especially as margins and budgets are being increasingly squeezed. As restoration professionals we must strive to evidence our value within a claim and as part of the industry’s supply chain.

Green issues are paramount in what we do and restoration of claim damaged items, help us to achieve our carbon footprint targets, whilst saving claims costs and turnaround time.

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